Of course, no job is perfect, but I have ironed out a lot of wrinkles to enhance my career satisfaction. I started from scratch and in my first years with the business, there were rough times. But there will always be challenges, and as I’ve grown the business, I’ve found it keeps me energized and enthusiastic. I’ve listed some career positives and challenges.

  • Following my heart
  • Picked the right career – love it!
  • Developed a lot of patience
  • Flexible schedule
  • Accomplished many projects
  • Felt honored with so much demand for my work
  • Wearing many hats in developing the business
  • Support from family, friends, and fans means so much
  • Crew members and volunteers have been available to help out
  • Enjoyed wide publicity, including billboards and magazine covers
  • Created my own modeling profile
  • Unafraid to fly


  • Some luggage has been damaged or lost 
  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • Waiting for request forms caused flight costs to go up
  • Charging too little has sometimes left the business in the red
  • Parking fees, mileage costs, and out of pocket meals
  • No retirement funds (due to self-employment)
  • Health insurance expenses (due to self-employment)
  • So much decision making on negotiations and offers
  • Learning the hard way how to say, “No.”
  • Some hotels have no visual alarms; ending up in “Handicapped” rooms
  • Late payments force use of personal money to cover business expenses

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