What do you think of the ABC family show “Switched at Birth”?

Please kindly join with me in waving your hands to applaud for Sean Berdy (plays Emmett) for getting involved in the show, “Switched at Birth”. I was so touched by his performance in the show – a true Deaf identity. 
It was amazing to have the captions available showing what he signed. I felt like this was truly welcoming Deaf people to watch! I am dying to see more Deaf actors in action.  This show offered positive views of Deaf culture – a great benefit for hearing audiences, seeing what it’s like to be a Deaf person.  I am looking forward to seeing more and more Deaf actors joining the entertainment industry.  Sean: Way to go! Keep going and you will be a Deaf star!  (Hands Waving!) Thank you, ABC family, for making this feature Deaf-friendly and showing part of the Deaf World.

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