Yes, I have plenty to talk about in these areas! Technology is amazing and with it, access may be provided to all. However, typically, it is not always possible to get captions or subtitles on DVDs when I purchase, rent, use, or download videos. Netflix accessibility is not always reliable, for example. I can’t get captions on my iPad2 yet. When I wanted to watch a movie during a flight, and had rented a DVD from Blockbusters, sometimes I would be disappointed at the absence of captioning or subtitles. In-flight movies typically do not feature captions or subtitles. Why do we have all this wonderful technology but it is still not providing important accessibility for Deaf persons and others? YouTube has finally added captions. That is wonderful – but what about other venues?  My kids want me to see movies with them in theatres, but there are very limited opportunities to do so with captions or subtitles. The rear-view device for viewing captions is an awkward and cumbersome method designated “for” Deaf individuals. Why can’t we just have subtitles right up on the big screen? If a Deaf person shows up, the staff could simply push a button to turn the “Visual Text” on.  I would love that technology to be created for everyone!

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