Do you like having a wide variety of American Sign Language entertainment available?
Do you like boosting signing and interpreting skills? With your determination and
creativity, you can contribute to these worthy goals and give your own organization
wider recognition by finding ways to sponsor entertainers and workshop presenters at
local venues. Providing fair compensation to performers and presenters is essential.
But what if your organization has difficulty covering the costs?

You can come up with creative ways to increase local sponsorship of ASL shows and
workshops. Many hosts have won grants or raised funds in other innovative ways to
bring ASL entertainment and educational seminars to eager audiences in their
communities. Rather than appealing for rate reductions which are unsustainable for
performing artists, creative hosts have talked with corporations, organizations,
agencies, community members, employers and friends to encourage donation of
sponsorship funds and tokens of appreciation.

Performers have extensive preparation time and travel expenses to absorb. If certain
projects require volunteer crew members, their lodging and meals, as well as any
tokens of appreciation, such as gift cards, must be covered.

Out of respect for the entertainers and educators you are bringing to your area, please

refrain from trying to get special deals or cut rates. Such discounts can’t sustain
successful business operations. Let’s show mutual respect and keep ASL entertainment

I’ve been in the American Sign Language entertainment business for 14 years I love

it! I want to continue to bring highly entertaining and educational shows and
presentations to your area. I am always there for you – I really respect, love, and enjoy
working with you all!


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