It is my pleasure to work with interpreters, organizations, event organizers, and hosts to provide RID CEUs. Since 1999, I’ve been an RID Approved Sponsor, and it’s been so rewarding. Naturally, it’s a challenge to keep updated on all the procedures required to continue to meet RID’s expectations. The following procedures is very important.

Here are the RID guidelines and forms. It’s true that RID has been auditing some Approved Sponsors and even suspending some Sponsors. Luckily, I have already been audited, and I have passed all of the requirements for correct adherence to RID policies and procedures. Once again, thank you for requesting information about my RID sponsorship.

Here is some information about the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP).

Some of you have asked me about my rates for doing RID CEU processing. Reviewing all of the necessary paperwork is very time-consuming. This is reflected in the fees. Once you fill out the form, the form will be in my file. A PDF is preferred. Fees are non-refundable. If your plans change, you will need to fill out another form completely.

Here are the four different categories: Establishing workshop, Independent Study Activity, Academic Coursework, and PINRA:

Establishing a workshop(The interpreter establishes his/her own workshop.)

Please type out the form and use three educational objectives for each workshop. Handwritten forms are not accepted. Download each form, fill out and save, and email to 

Independent Study Activity

Download form, fill out and save, and email to 

Examples: Home study with videos, research or literature reviews, study groups, acting as a mentor or being mentored, curriculum/workshop development, teaching a workshop for the first time, etc, (May earn up to 2.0 CEUs.)  

Academic Coursework

Download form, fill out and save, and email to 

such as college credit taken at an accredited institution. This processing requires your verification of how many hours you attend. The transcript is required to submit.  

Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA)

Download form, fill out and save, and email to 

coursework such as academic coursework, in-service workshops, workshops, or conferences of other organizations, etc. This process requires your verification of how many hours you attend. The completion of a certificate or a teacher’s note are required to submit.   

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