YES! During local performances, once in a while, we’ve found that at the last minute, our voice interpreter couldn’t make it. So, at that point, my kids filled in.

Bart is full of confidence, but he doesn’t always remember what he’s supposed to say. Sammie backs him up, whispering in his ear. Sammie feels too shy to use the mike, but she is a fountain of creativity when it comes to Improv! Bart is very expressive, making an eyebrow say the whole story – short and sweet. Sammie uses a lot of classifiers and likes to tell more elaborate stories.

It’s funny to see Bart perch on the stool and speak right out. He’s very comfortable with the mike. Once, he told an interpreter, “That’s not what my mom said, she said…..” It was a stunning moment!

They love to work with me on stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids took over the interpreting and got the audience eating out of the palms of their hands. They’re great ASL storytellers!


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