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Mentoring Services Available with Trix Bruce. Your own private Mentor!

“Mentoring” is extremely important and represents the most effective way for interpreters to improve their signing skills.

As I travel all around presenting my workshops, I encourage interpreters to look for mentors such as working with Deaf people, ASL instructors, Deaf Interpreters / Certified Deaf interpreters, and other interpreters. This is achieved most easily by asking a mentor for feedback and suggestions.

Please allow me to give you a few examples:

1)       “English” signs represented word-by-word with memorized sign-word associations (such as become, then, use, because, etc. )

2)      Properly using classifier handshapes to communicate clearly in a visual way (such as showing a bee vibrating its wings)

3)      ASL Semantics signing with conceptual accuracy (such as for a job application)

4)      Updating obsolete signs, such as “video-tape” (using “v” and “t”). Rather, sign “movie.” Another obsolete sign is “to process a credit card with the old devices” vs. the current process which simply requires swiping the card.

5) Clearly representing the whole concept or message efficiently in ASL

Yes, it is challenging to interpret everything at once! Practicing both on your own and working with a mentor are two of the best ways to gain confidence and move your signing skills forward! Good news! I’m here for you!  Email me for a mentoring appointment!

Appointment cancellations must be given 48 hours in advance.

As your mentor, Trix will focus on you, providing individualized feedback and instruction in English/ASL translation and Deaf culture. Under the direction of an expert instructor, your skills will soar!

Here are Trix’s tips for preparing for your mentoring session:

1)      Video-record yourself with a presentation and script. We will watch this together and discuss the process of English/ASL translation.

2)      Bring a list of your particular challenges. We’ll discuss ways to approach these challenges, such as storytelling, homework assignments, specific interpreting skill work, and so on.

3)      Review handouts and resources and we will go over these, together.

Email Trix to check her availability to set up a video conference through online zoom meeting  and mentorship pricing.  Mentoring sessions are 50 minutes, or 90 minutes. There is a charge for all paperwork outside a mentoring session. RID CEUs are available.

“Thank you so much for you insights and feedback! It really helped me feel prepared and confidant for my exam. You are the best!!”-Emily


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