Yes, giving presentations around America is my full-time job. As a professional presenter and entertainer with over 25 years of experience, I love interacting with my workshop participants and audiences. I handle bookings from my home office. I pay behind–the scenes crew members, business consultants, mentors, and my editor as private contractors.

This is not a perfect job. Certainly, I face challenges, such as flight delays, last-minute schedule changes, economic ups and downs, negotiation stagnation points, and other issues. Sometimes I don’t get paid in a timely manner; I may even have to wait for months at a time before clients come through with payment.

This kind of work requires extensive hours spent in preparing for events, traveling to and from shows – usually 8 to 10 hours a day, in order to set up equipment before the presentations. Some hosts haven’t visualized the idea of how much time it requires from when I “clock in” to leave to go work and return to my desk. However, the total number of hours I am away on a job should be considered as part of my paid work.

My show includes multi-media animation, slides, video, and sound effects combined with ASL, stories, poetry, comedy, and other features, incorporating all of these elements using a laptop, LCD projector, and sound system. As part of my business, I provide the equipment needed to put on a high-tech, professional show that captivates all comers from Deaf to Hearing.

I love training interpreters and sharing updated resources. I’ve designed several specialized presentations for interpreters who wish to expand their skills in visual education, the art of sign language, and storytelling.

I also enjoy presenting shows related to Deaf Culture, ASL Improv, and stand-up comedy through stories told to communities. I enhance my stories with drama skills that I’ve developed over the years. Could there be any better way to make a living?


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