A Handmade Treasury of Deaf Folktales

2006 / 90 Minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.
The heart and soul of Deaf culture is passed from generation to generation through sign language folktales, stories, jokes, puns, and other forms of cultural expression. As Trix weaves these tales into a performance, the audience will gain insight into the Deaf experience and the ways in which Deaf people view the world around them. These cultural gems help to explain Deaf identity, the beliefs of Deaf people, and often explain the ways in which Deaf people arrange their lives. Demonstration of Folktales Storytelling: King Kong

Price: $40
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ASL Extreme Makeovers: The Art of Personification

2009 / 70 Minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.
Transform yourself! In literature, the technique of “personification” gives inanimate objects, plants, and animals human-like characteristics. To add drama to your storytelling, you can use ASL techniques to “become” various objects. Personification allows performers to “get inside” things and show – rather than tell – what’s going on. Bring objects alive as you sign! Demonstration Video Clip of Personification: Bobber

Price: $40
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ASL Role ShiftingASL Role Shifting: “He Said, She Said”

2005 / 90 Minutes, Performed in ASL. No Voice.
Role-Shifting is so much more than the being narrator. Become the role of different people to tell the story! It is important for the audience to tell which character is speaking! The workshop will focus on ASL storytelling techniques for: 1) developing story characters; 2) using role shift, eye gaze and spatial referencing; 3) identifying speakers, shifting between speakers, and matching speakers’ affect, and 4) understanding the difference between the storytelling and discourse.

Price: $40
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ASL Semantics – Focus Word: Fall

2006 / 60 Minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.
Price: $40
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ASL Semantics – Focus Word: Out

2009 / 60 Minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.
Price: $40
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ASL Semantics – Focus Word: Run

2011 / 77 minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.

ASL Semantics

Semantics is defined as the study of meanings expressed by the elements of a language or a combination of the elements. A concept expressed in an ASL sign often cannot be conveyed by a single all-purpose English word. Likewise, English words and phrases may have variations in meaning, which require translations using different ASL signs. This workshop helps the participant advance skills in translating the languages of ASL and English. Demonstration Video Clip: ASL Semantics “OUT”

Price: $40
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Bring the Bible Alive with ASL Classifiers!

2003 / 46 Minutes, Yes Voiceover
Price: $40
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More Classifiers Storytelling

2000 / 60 Minutes,Performed in ASL, No Voice.
Price: $40
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More Classifiers: Camping Adventures

2008 / 60 Minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.

Classifiers can do anything! (Well, almost!) This video offers a variety of stories presented by Trix entirely through the use of classifiers. You’ll see handshapes transforming into animals, places, objects, and more. Have fun with more classifier storytelling! Demonstration Video Clip: Classifier Storytelling in Camping Adventures

Price: $40
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Splash! Make A Splash with ASL Storytelling!

2008 / 90 Minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.

Splash! Dive into ASL storytelling! Trix and Anthony demonstrate signing techniques used to describe water activities: “bare footing”, diving, hydrofoiling, jet skiing, kite surfing, knee boarding, rowing, scuba diving, snorkeling, spear-hunting, surfing, swimming, tubing, wakeboarding, water polo, water-skiing, windsurfing, and more. AJ and Trix share their experiences in and on the water, while teaching you about ASL storytelling!

Price: $40
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Trix Upon A Time: An ASL Storytelling Handbook

2005 / 45 Minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.

Create your own VISUAL Storytelling! Brainstorm the steps needed to put a story together. List all the details of the play that affect the body’s senses. Image yourself as a member of audience (both Deaf and Hearing). What do they really want to see? Exercises that help you learn how to make clearer body language, gesture, and signs. Finalizing the story narration in ASL

Price: $40
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Tales of A Mad Mad Mad ASL World

2003 / 90 Minutes, Performed in ASL, No Voice.
Trix performs amazing feats on American Sign Language skill, thrives on audience interaction and enjoys accepting artistic challenges. With her creative storytelling she brings into play various handshapes, classifiers, 3-d representations, personification, role shifts, international, and more. Let Trix take you on a roller coaster ride through ASL Poetry, Storytelling, and folktales.

Price: $40
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The Hearing World Around Me

2002 / 60 Minutes, Yes Voiceover, Performed in ASL, voiced by Kenan Pekoz.
Welcome to World of Trix and exciting true tales about live as a deaf person among the hearing. With Trix’s stories, awaking in the wind, notes under the door, and more, you will see her embarrassing moments, challenges, learning experiences, and a growing sense of pride. People with no clue what deafness is like will come to understand something about it while enjoying these true stories. 60 minutes.

Price: $40
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