I love trying to coordinate plans, using my ability to organize, to think in positive ways, and to show a professional manner. I enjoy keeping my commitments to meet the hosts’, audience’s, and participants’ expectations. I strongly believe that though nothing is perfect, I can work things out to do my very best in every circumstance.

Successes. Accomplishments. Achievement. Encouragement. It’s not always easy learning something new, but once you do, your confidence grows. First, plan. Then keep on going forward to make sure everything runs well. Getting your schedule right in advance is the best; sometimes I had to fly in and then run to present a workshop. I just keep my spirits up!

It’s a great pleasure for me to see participants absorbing information, updating their understanding about ASL, learning new classifier handshapes, and gaining the ability to translate English equivalents. I am thrilled to see their hunger for more! Some participants buy my DVDs so that they can practice at home.  Hot cocoa in hand, I keep presenting as much as I can.

When hosts book me, I am thrilled and honored to be a part of their special events. Relaxing in a hotel room before teaching or performing gives me time to think, prepare, meditate, and boost my energy! Organize! Think positive! I love journaling, too. This puts a big smile on my face.  When a plan falls apart, I just work to iron things out. Oh, and I learn from my mistakes, so the same problem won’t happen again.

Love these school kids coming and crawling for my autographed headshots. Their “tapping” on my shoulder, leg, arm, and back got my attention to take turns, signed my photos for them. Sweet moments!

I’ve received so many compliments, suggestions, and other ideas from all of YOU! Thank you! I will use some of these ideas in my presentations, along with offers to help. Everything you offer always gives me happy moments. Thank you, everyone, for all of your support.


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