Friends, fans, and students keep asking me asked me about what challenges have come up as I’ve worked on my business. I’m patiently making my way through everything on my journey to success. I always learn something new everyday and plan to iron out my traveling plans more smoothly and make things happen in a magical way!

Here are some challenges I’ve faced:
  • Flights cancelled or delayed due to weather, maintenance problems, or a strike. I have lost a few days “resting” due to these difficulties, but luckily I made it to work! For instance, I was supposed to arrive at 11 am but checked in to the hotel at 9:30 pm, instead.
  • Had to pay for lodging, airport parking, and meals when my flight was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day.
  • Luggage missing. I had to go shopping to find a nice outfit before the workshop started.
  • Payments delayed. Didn’t get my checks on time. Waits were everything from 30 days to 6 months!
  • Airline fuel costs went up unexpectedly and I had to use my personal credit card to pay airline fares that should have been covered by the hosting organizations.
  • Booked my rental car through an online website. Then I was hit with last-minute rate increases!
  • Got two job offers on the same day – had to pick just one!
I am so lucky that most of my hosts are extremely friendly and respect my wishes. The hosts and I have been able to work things out beautifully to get through and make the events into miracles. Truthfully, the travel issues could have driven me crazy! Trial and error have taught me that right now it is best to fly in and stay overnight for the next day’s work to save me from the worry of trying to fly out on the day of the event and having some issues come up to interfere. For sure, my hair is going to grow gray! But everything has been working out great!


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