How do you stay so thin?

(Laughing) There is no trick. I do not overeat and I only have one vice: hot chocolate with vanilla. The airports are my exercise – the long walking, lifting suitcases, and standing in long lines. I love to eat, but flights usually do not have food served. There is...

“Continuously” work with Deaf Organizations?

When I was young, I thought there were only a few deaf people in this world. I was wrong! Enrolling at the National Technical of Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY, I realized there were plenty of deaf people and I got a chance to meet a lot of them. Since then,...

Is this business a full time job?

Yes, giving presentations around America is my full-time job. As a professional presenter and entertainer with over 25 years of experience, I love interacting with my workshop participants and audiences. I handle bookings from my home office. I pay behind–the scenes...

Q: Have your kids ever interpreted for you?

YES! During local performances, once in a while, we’ve found that at the last minute, our voice interpreter couldn’t make it. So, at that point, my kids filled in.Bart is full of confidence, but he doesn’t always remember what he’s supposed to say. Sammie backs him...
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