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Journaling: Why write?

The good news: New signs are always appearing and coming into wide use, and you want to remember them. The bad news: No one has recorded these “new” signs, cataloging them on video for the benefit of students, educators, interpreters and researchers. How can you capture and […]

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In what ways does watching an ASL storytelling performance advance your interpreting skills and contribute to your professional growth?

Question for interpreters: In what ways does watching an ASL storytelling performance advance your interpreting skills and contribute to your professional growth? Should it be possible to earn CEUs for watching ASL storytelling presentations? How do such authentic cultural presentations enrich your interpreting repertoire? Do you pick […]

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Why do I love Hot Cocoa so much?

There are many reasons why this hot cocoa made my day and even nights.  My parents introduced me to hot cocoa at the age of 2 during fall and winter times. I became addicted to hot cocoas for years. During my college year, I had horrible day […]

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When will you retire?

     Sometimes people ask me if I will “retire”. Oh, no! That’s not in my plans. I just want to develop new ideas such as online workshops through which interpreters can earn their clock hours. I think this might be fun! I could enjoy working at home […]

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What is in store for you in the future?

I would like to put all of my workshops onto DVDs. I also hope to have the opportunity to be in entertainment, such as films, commercials, and/or television. I cannot predict what will happen to me in the future, but with support from friends, fans, communities, and […]

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What do you do during your free time while you are here presenting your workshops/shows?

REST:  Resting up is my highest priority so as to be prepared for my upcoming workshops and shows. I enjoy a little TV or a movie. If there’s a spa available, I’m there! HOT COCOA: Hot cocoa with milk is heaven. PHOTOGRAPHY: I’ll wander beaches, flower gardens, […]

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How exciting that your chapter or organization wants to plan an event or create a workshop! As someone with years of experience with event planning and presenting, I’m more than happy to share suggestions. First, you’ll need to focus on your goals and gather information. Ask yourself: […]

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How do you stay so thin?

(Laughing) There is no trick. I do not overeat and I only have one vice: hot chocolate with vanilla. The airports are my exercise – the long walking, lifting suitcases, and standing in long lines. I love to eat, but flights usually do not have food served. […]

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“Continuously” work with Deaf Organizations?

When I was young, I thought there were only a few deaf people in this world. I was wrong! Enrolling at the National Technical of Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY, I realized there were plenty of deaf people and I got a chance to meet […]

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Drama, Drama, Drama!!! How did I happen to become an entertainer?

Yes, I do remember that I was in a Thanksgiving Pilgrim show in elementary school. I enjoyed wearing the costume – it felt fun to be someone else! That led me to understand what a “play” is. I played the role of Helen Keller during my freshman […]

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