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Working with Deaf people in Medical Settings

Working with a deaf patient can present communication challenges. This workshop will give you more confidence. Becoming familiar with a few basic signs, knowing how to use visual aids with deaf patients, and learning a bit about deaf culture will put you ahead of the curve. The healthcare environment can be scary to patients, and communication problems complicate matters. Promoting trust is key. Having a few signs at hand is immeasurably beneficial, even when a sign language interpreter is facilitating communication. This workshop will enhance your ability to put the deaf patient at ease, clarify options, and manage expectations. Trix will clue you in on effective communication between deaf patients and medical care providers.

Signs Gone Wrong: ASL Bloopers

Over the years, interpreters, students and teachers have shared with Trix some of the unintentionally funny things they’ve signed. We’ve all had this kind of experience. Let’s help each other make it through as we laugh at our ASL bloopers!

Sound Effects: Visualize an ASL Roar!

Imagine sound effects as eye-opening visual effects! Ear-sounds become eye-sounds! Interpreters can learn to transform various audio expressions to visual images, creatively showing what these sounds “look like”. Come on! This should be a lot of fun!

Trix’s Discoveries! Understanding ASL Dialects, Regional Accents and Variations

Crisscrossing America, Trix spots and carefully documents sign variations from local Deaf residents. Now, she’s ready to share her discoveries with interpreters. Workshop participants will see video clips of code-switching forms, regional accents, and sign variations emerging from those with different ages, backgrounds, occupations, social levels, and communication preferences. Treat yourself to an inside look at signing across the country. CEUs available from my sponsor.

Interpreters’ Secret of Success: Just Be Yourself! 

It’s a Deaf -Woman’s-Working-with-Interpreters World! Aspiring interpreters who want to increase their awareness and nurture their talents will enjoy this seminar. Deaf businesswoman Trix Bruce brings you a keynote presentation showing you how she put her mind to developing a business that was after her heart. Trix’s presentation will get you thinking about how your own ideas can help you build a successful business. Trix discovered a path to her successful career and her tips will help you develop as a model Sign Language Interpreter. If you are an interpreter with a vision, Trix will encourage you to make that climb and get to the top! Be proud of your talents, your accomplishments, and your forward-looking goals.

ASL POETRY: Visual Art from the Heart

Let’s express our joy or sadness in language. Trix takes you on this journey of images, metaphors, wisdom, humor, and joy. Participants will understand the techniques of: Signing Space, Prosodic Movements with Affect (Emotions), Language Play, Poetic use of ASL.

Feelin’ The Sounds: Let Your Hands Do The Dance!

Trix brings you a show to remember as she blends her story-poems with sound effects and music. Her songs in sign language will dance their way into your heart. Trix lights up the stage with sign, stories, sound, dance, flash images, captioning, characters and video clips to awaken the poet in you. Along with voiceovers by Jenn Lee and sound effects designed by Kenan Pekoz, Trix will use sign language in ways that will delight your senses and touch your heart.

“Can Do It!” Attitude

Trix’s life experiences and hard-won wisdom fuel her successful business. Energize your drive to success as you learn to advance your career with education, opportunity, and a “Can-Do-It!” attitude. Presenting practical outlines for Deaf and hearing people, enhancing individual achievement as well as teamwork, Trix guides you towards greater success and a more fulfilling life path.

Empowerment Through Signing Skills

Get ready to face your challenges and win! Trix’s tips empower you in building superior signing skills. Trix will review regional accents and cultural perspectives. Trix has worked with students, teachers, and cultural perspectives. She’s learned about their challenges, and in conversation with Deaf friends, as well as through surveys, Trix has discovered ways to support signing empowerment. Trix helps workshop participants feel “on top of the world”. How do you handle it when someone criticizes your skills? Learn to honor yourself and your values, your time, and the skills that you’ve been building over the years.

Trix Bruce Turns Deafness and Disability to Communication and Capability: Workshop for Supervisors, Managers and Human Resources Staff

This entertaining workshop for supervisors, managers, and HR staff will reduce barriers and enhance communication with deaf and disabled persons in the workplace. Learn updated techniques for interviewing, sourcing candidates, and working as a team. Participants will get tips for better communication, discover relevant cultural information, watch vignettes from real life, and have opportunity for questions and discussion.

You Can Learn to “Think Deaf”! Visual Gestural Communication Skills

No more searching desperately through books or depending on teachers to tell you how to sign something. You can learn to “Think Deaf”! Visual gestural skills will get your point across, with or without traditional sign. Build your confidence in communicating with Deaf communities.

Baby Signs in ASL

It’s not only for the Deaf! Using Sign Language to communicate with infants and pre-verbal children… Have you ever wondered about the benefits of teaching American Sign Language to the children in your care? Is ASL only for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing? Children too young to speak clearly (7 months to 2 years) are able to understand and respond using sign language, including facial expressions and hand gestures.

Empower Each Other: Spotlight Experiences in ASL Interpreting

Interpreting in front of a huge audience can be challenging! Let’s go behind the scenes and share our experiences. We’ll discuss the principles and practices associated with performance interpreting. We can work together to make magic!

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