Journaling: Why write?

The good news: New signs are always appearing and coming into wide use, and you want to remember them. The bad news: No one has recorded these “new” signs, cataloging them on video for the benefit of students, educators, interpreters and researchers. How...

Why do I love Hot Cocoa so much?

There are many reasons why this hot cocoa made my day and even nights.  My parents introduced me to hot cocoa at the age of 2 during fall and winter times. I became addicted to hot cocoas for years. During my college year, I had horrible day or even cranky. My parents...

When will you retire?

     Sometimes people ask me if I will “retire”. Oh, no! That’s not in my plans. I just want to develop new ideas such as online workshops through which interpreters can earn their clock hours. I think this might be fun! I could enjoy working at home with online...

What is in store for you in the future?

I would like to put all of my workshops onto DVDs. I also hope to have the opportunity to be in entertainment, such as films, commercials, and/or television. I cannot predict what will happen to me in the future, but with support from friends, fans, communities, and...
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