High School Student, Liberty High School ~ ASL Class

Period 1  —  March 3, 2010

Trix Bruce

Last week in ASL class we had a special guest that was deaf named Trix Bruce. When Mr. Stuart told the class about her coming in, I thought it would be very boring, BOY WAS I WRONG! It was one of the most exciting, funniest ASL classes ever! Trix made the class fun for a plethora of reasons. She had so much emotion; you could tell she was happy to be there with us. Also, she wouldn’t just tell us how to sign something, she would explain it to us then make a whole story about it just out of one word. Furthermore, my favorite part was that we actually got to participate in the activity. She would get so excited when we got the right answer, and come to think of it, she even got excited if our answer was wrong just because she was excited we were participating and trying to learn more about sign language. I had not negative comments about Trix Bruce or anything that we did when she visited. I wish she would come more than just once. I felt bad for the people sleeping or not paying attention, because they were missing out on something great and fun. It wasn’t just like a normal day of class. It was the total opposite. You could tell everybody enjoyed her presence and had a great deal of respect for her, because when the bell rang Trix Bruce was still signing to use and NOBODY got up to leave. If a regular teacher was talking to us, everybody would’ve just got up and went on with the day to their next class. Trix continuously told us to practice and I never even thought twice for practicing, but I realized she is right. If you want to continuously do something and improve at it, it is imperative to practice it even if it’s something as simple as signing a story about going to the part. In conclusion, having Trix Bruce as a special guest was one of the funniest things ever!


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