Donna Langwasser, Waukesha County Technical College

October 7, 2011

This letter of reference is for Trix Bruce. I met Trix Bruce at a workshop I attended for Sign language interpreters. The workshop was excellent and at that time I purchased many of her DVDs. I brought the DVDs home to watch and learn from them. I highly recommend them for skill building and just over-all information to learn more about Sign Language and the culture associated with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

My job is to coordinate services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing at a Technical College. One of my goals was to provide something for our deaf and hard of hearings student population in recognition of Deaf Awareness week. My thoughts were to provide trivia to other students and staff on our campus wide TV monitors and also to provide some deaf entertainment.

After doing some homework, I contacted some deaf performers to see if they had something that would fit into our college atmosphere. Many of the people I contacted never got back to me or their contracts were crazy. At that time, I referred back to the many DVD’s I purchased from Trix Bruce and notice the one called “The Hearing World Around Me”. I contacted her to see if she would be available to perform at our college, I explained my goal and the date and time I would like the performance. She was able to provide what we were looking for. We settled on a fair price and from that point on, Trix took care of everything.

Her performance was a hit! Everyone loved her. Some of the deaf students would have talked with her all night. The smiles they had on their faces as she signed their poster of her. It was breathe taking as she performed for our mixed audience. Her stories made you laugh, cry, and really think about life without normal hearing. One of my goals was to have instructors, administrators, and others with normal hearing gain an understanding of what life is like to be “DEAF”. Trix did an excellent job and many people now have a new awareness.

I am working with the college to have Trix back again. As I said, everyone loved her and we all are anxious to have her here again. Another thing I want to add is Trix Bruce’s ability to manage everything. After booking the date, she applied for CEU’s from RID so interpreters could earn CEUs and also provided two workshops for interpreters. She is a true performer, great role model, and a true business woman too. I highly recommend Trix as a performer or workshop presenter and also as a great person and someone people want to be with.


Donna Langwasser, Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


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