Christine Wixtrom, ASL Access, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my great pleasure to strongly recommend Trix Bruce as an excellent candidate for your storytelling festival, as she is an effective presenter, superior instructor, and outstanding performance artist.

I am founder and president of ASL Access, a fully volunteer, non-profit organization with a mission for assisting public libraries in acquiring quality American Sign Language (ASL) resources. Since 1997, when this organization was founded, I have sought out ASL video resources and have recruited deaf and hearing volunteers to evaluate these videos. We select the best ASL video resources for the ASL Access Video Collection, a set of over 200 ASL videos which is designed for use in public libraries. We also review ASL videos and post the reviews on our site.

In my work with ASL Access, I’ve evaluated hundreds of ASL videos. I was surprised and delighted when I saw Trix Bruce on one of her early instructional videos. Her material and presentation were absolutely top-notch. Her manner of instruction, her expertise, and the specific features of ASL which she covered were unmatched. Here was pure talent!

I contacted her and was able to meet her in person when she traveled to my area. I later had opportunity to see her present instructional workshops in person, and to observe Trix’s works as a poet, storyteller and performer. In all of these dimensions, Trix shines!

Trix Bruce is a gifted teacher and performing artist who has now developed two professional web sites to facilitate her nationwide work as a popular workshop presenter and stage performer. Deaf and hearing audiences love her. Students and working interpreters flock to her workshops. Her new videos are in high demand, and are now placed with the ASL Access Video Collection in public libraries.

I speak as one who has seen countless live and video (instructional and performance) ASL presentations when I recommend Trix Bruce as a first-choice presenter, whether as a speaker, instructor, performance artist or all three. I encourage you to feature Trix Bruce at your storytelling festival.

Best regards,
Chris Wixtrom
Founder/President ASL Access
703.799.8733 (v) 703.799.4896 (tty)
4217 Adrienne Drive, Alexandria, VA 22309


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