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Trix has been involved in the performing arts since 1980 when she won the role of Helen Keller in her freshman year of high-school. She participated in the summer program hosted by the National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) and performed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). As a deaf poet and actress, her performances draw heavily on her life experiences.Trix’s one-woman show has been a long-standing success. Audiences are captivated by Trix’s sign artistry, sheer elegance and irresistible, smile-sparking humor. Trix’s performances and presentations always showcase her skills as an outstanding communicator. Trix’s main area of study has been in ASL Linguistics with a focus on ASL Performance. She is an approved sponsor for the Registry Interpreter for the Deaf (RID) Certificate Maintenance Program, and has developed a popular website, www.trixbruce.com. Whether writing, creating, improvising or starring in her many productions, Trix’s passion for the dramatic arts always shines through.

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